Recently, we went camping up at Morningstar Lake (just past Foresthill, nestled in the Tahoe National Forest). We caught several trout using Powerbait and my boyfriend, an avid fisherman, patiently showed me how to gut my first fish (oh yes, I did!). The innards are a bit slimey but nothing to work yourself up over; however, no one mentioned to me that sometimes AFTER you've pulled all the guts out of a fish, it can still twitch and flop about. If you can ignore me dropping the fish and squealing like a complete wus, this video is actually pretty decent as a step-by-step guide to gutting a fish.

(* camera work done by one of my favorite 11 year olds! Thank you, Z!)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't think I can do it! Fish creep me out. Thanks for the camping tip.

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