What a busy weekend! I went on a fancy date night with Mr. S. on Friday, swung by the gorgeous Berryessa Gap Vineyards on Saturday and attended a tiki-themed BBQ on Sunday. When I wasn't running around town, I was learning how to make tasty macarons and delicious homemade jam from friends. I want to tell you about these fun Memorial Day weekend adventures; although I feel guilty that I'm not caught up with my posts from the past month and a half. Doh! This Girl and Her Fork needs to hunker down this week and be a Girl and Her Laptop...seriously. While I get my scribblings  in order, I thought I'd share a few photos from Saturday's trip to check out Berryessa Gap's 6th Annual Springtime in the Vineyard. A friend of mine was kind enough to put up with my awful driving (I have no sense of direction whatsoever) and head out to Winters with me. We got a tiny bit lost, but thanks to her handy phone GPS we were able to find our way there eventually. It was a bit chilly so we enjoyed our wine (their Tempranillo is fab!), munched on some yummy carnitas and shrimp and wandered around the beautiful vineyard...then we skedaddled out of there before the grey skies moved in. On the way back we stopped at the T&Y Strawberry Patch in Woodland and purchased some juicy strawberries and blackberries to make jam with. Behind the stand was a colorful sweet pea garden and my friend was able to get some gorgeous photos before the rain started to fall (I snapped a quick pic of her when she wasn't looking).

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