It's spring, so why have we Sacramentans been repeatedly saddled with May gray? Where's the sunshine, I ask you?

After a pleasant but wet (the patio roof was leaking) lunch at Tuli's yesterday with the amazing Michelle, I came home to a chilly cottage. Ugh! Instead of cranking up the heater (afterall, I was just running the AC only a week before) I decided to warm things up by getting all June Cleaver and baking a strawberry-rhubarb pie. Donning a girly apron and blasting the Juno soundtrack made the pie-making all the more fun. And it did the trick! The cottage warmed up and the kitchen smelled all sweet and pink like Barbie's Dream House.

This yummy recipe was lifted from a vintage cookbook: Sunset's Kitchen Cabinet Recipes, Vol. 3 (1944).

(click to enlarge)
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