I'm not much for eating ginormous meals early in the morning and I'm even less known for cooking early in the morning. Lucky for me, every once in awhile Mr. S. (who IS a morning person...damn him) will take it upon himself to whip up some gorgeous omelets, fluffy pancakes or other tasty breakfast treats on a weekend morning. He knows that nothing lures me out of bed eventually than the smell of crispy bacon strips and a cup of good, strong coffee. That said, I do love me some breakfast food at odd ball times of the day, like for "linner" (the time between lunch and dinner). Now this isn't a recipe post, mind you, I just wanted to give a shout out to the yummilicious coconut toast at 99 Ranch. I bought a loaf of their coconut toast (essentially a fresh loaf of coconut bread) from their bakery department and have been snacking on it. It's delicious in it's own right but I decided today to use it for making french toast. Oh-em-gee. Get some, make it into french toast (add a little bit of vanilla extract to it), pour some REAL maple syrup on it (none of that fake junk) and tell me that it doesn't make your toes curl. I dare you. It's INSANELY good.
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  1. Foodiewife Says:

    So, um, are you going to figure out how to make it? Sounds delicious!

  2. Ally Says:

    At $2.99 a loaf, I think I'll stick to buying it. It's probably cheaper and less of a headache. :)

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