I'm sure your home, like most homes across America, is still stuffed to the gills with Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. You've probably had turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey cookies...ok, nix the last one. Well, if you're looking for a fast side to go with all that leftover turkey try making up some of This Week For Dinner's Cranberry Orange Sauce. It's simple to make and only takes one pot (easy clean-up!) it's fun to watch the cranberries explode when they get heated up.

Cranberry Orange Sauce


1/2 lb cranberries

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup orange juice

zest of 1 orange

4 oranges separated, pith and membranes removed*  (I only used 2 oranges and felt that was more than enough)


- Bring 1/2 C water to simmer.

- Add cranberries, sugar, OJ and zest. Simmer & stir until sugar dissolved and berries begin to pop, ~15 mins.

- Remove from heat – add orange segments.

* If you're looking for a hassle-free way to segment and remove the membrane of an orange, check out this handy video on RR: How To Segment an Orange
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  1. orange just goes so well with cranberries...I served just about the same mixture at my table this year!
    Everyone seems so surprised when you tell them you made the cranberry sauce!

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