Is anyone else watching David Chang (of Momofuku) in "Mind of a Chef?" on Netflix? I just started watching the series this week and am really loving it. In fact, I couldn't stop raving about it at a luncheon I went to today. It's fresh, smart and slightly sarcastic. What's it about? Well according to Anthony Bourdain, who produces and narrates the show, "We’re exploring the creative process, the anatomy of a style of cooking. Not just what inspired this dish, but where did it come from, what are they thinking about, what’s intriguing to them. How did we get here? The end result is often the end of a long story...." Basically it's a wonderful mix of food, travel science and history...something for everyone.

Season 1 won a James Beard Foundation award for Best Television Program, On Location. Season 2 will begin in the fall and will focus on the minds of two chefs- Sean Brock and April Bloomfield.

Website: Mind of a Chef

Here Chang talks about one of my all-time favorite Japanese foods, the humble yakitori:

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  1. I'm on it! I needed to update my netflix queue and this will be a great diversion. And, yeah, I can relate about the history of a dish or what inspires us. Thanks for the link!

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