1815 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811. (916) 822-5668.

Bows and Arrows is a shop of many faces. It's a cute vintage boutique, a charming cafe, and a lively venue for local musicians and artists all under one roof. Recently, my friend Lacy and I met up there for a late afternoon bite to eat. I'd been meaning to check the place out for quite awhile, as it's only a stone's throw from my cottage; unfortunately, the idea would always cross my mind on Mondays- when the business was closed. Gah! Anyhow, I finally made it there and it didn't disappoint.

The cafe area is in the back of the shop and offers unique sandwiches, soups, drinks and artisan popsicles. I was absolutely starving, so I ordered the cola-braised pork sandwich which came with a choice of a cup of soup or small salad. Their vegan sweet potato soup sounded enticing so I opted for the soup as my side. I contemplated for a moment about getting a Mexican Coke or some Cheerwine (yum!); but in the end, I went with a glass of white sangria and joined Lacy out in their garden. The garden/patio was super cute- outfitted with various succulents, greenery, misters and an eclectic blend of patio furniture. It was a comfortable and tranquil environment to kick back in and catch up on our girl talk.

After a few minutes of chatting, the staff brought out our orders and I have to say, both the sandwich and the soup were delicious and hit the spot! The fresh avocado-tomato salsa complemented the juicy shredded pork perfectly. Their vegan sweet potato soup was also a winner- it had just a hint of sweetness to it, making it almost dessert-like. Also, I loved how it had a smooth creamy texture, even though it wasn't cream-based. While the food was delightful, my mason jar of white sangria was just tasted more like a spritzer as it had no fruit slices mixed in. (Next time, I think I'll go with one of their beers on tap.) On a side note: I was quite enamored with their adorable, mismatched servingware but I was surprised to see that the bowl my soup came in had several chips along the rim. Though the chips may look cute and give the dish a weather-worn look, I would be worried about customers cutting themselves accidentally. The lunch turned out to be quite filling and I wished I had saved enough room to try one of their famous Fat Face popsicles. The flavors sounded intriguing (kaffir lime-avocado? hibiscus-mint? Thai tea- sweet potato?) and they looked delicious. Definitely next time!


I'm so glad Bows is in my neighborhood. It does put out a strong hipster vibe which can be a turn off for some people but if you can get past that, it's a fun place to relax and eat. I think I may also have to find time to check out their Happy Hour or Sunday brunch, both sounded intriguing. Challah French Toast? Yes, please!
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