I'm a bit late getting this post up...but we went to the beach this weekend!

Mr.S. didn't have the kidlets so we thought we'd take a day trip out to Half Moon Bay and relax on the beach. We ended up having lunch at this great little casual eatery called Barbara's Fish Trap in Princeton-By-The-Sea. The Fish Trap is located in a teeny red building on stilts right on the pier. There's a covered patio area in the front and regular seating in the back.


We were starving by the time we stopped for lunch and everything sounded wonderful on the menu, so we decided to get a little of everything. We split the calamari, which Mr.S. loved. He thought it was the absolute bees knees until he got his fish and chips which he said was the best he'd ever tasted. I took a nibble and I had to agree. The batter was light and crispy and the fish was nice and moist. There wasn't any of that heavy greasiness that I typically detest in fish and chips. He also got a cup of their clam chowder which he wasn't jazzed about but I thought was okay- it was nice and hearty, chock-full of clams and dairy-free (which was great for me. I think they use potato as their base instead of milk or cream). I ended up ordering the Dungeness crab sandwich...and it was divine. A good-sized serving of crab on a soft bun. The crab was nice and fresh and the bun was delicious; however, I did think the sandwich was kind of pricey. The place itself was kitschy and cute though - lots of windows to see the harbor and a big fisherman's net adorning the ceiling. The service was friendly but so sloooow. They were pretty busy though so we tried to cut our waitress some slack but they really needed an additional server on duty.

After lunch we headed over to San Gregorio State Beach, just off the Cabrillo Highway. I think this is my favorite beach we've gone to so far. The first park of the beach opens up to tons of driftwood, a small lagoon and lots of people but if you go down just a bit further to the right, you'll come upon a secluded, sandy beach with nary a soul. We felt like we had the beach to ourselves...and the best part was---there's two sea caves that are accessible when the tide's low. The first cave doesn't go back very far but the second one's fun in there but a bit spooky. Also according to the park ranger if we had gone further down, we would have stumbled upon a nudist beach. We didn't get down that far, instead we decided to take a trail that goes up one of the ridges. If you go, check it out! The view up there of the ocean is absolutely breathtaking (and the climb is super easy).

San Gregorio State Beach:
Beach access fee $8 (but the pass they give you is good at all state beaches for the entire day)
No dogs on beach
No fires on the beach
There are BBQ pits, restrooms and picnic tables in the first part of the beach
Beach closes at sundown

Barbara's Fish Trap- is cash only
281 Capistrano Road     (650) 728-7049
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice - we've been talking about taking a weekend trip out to Half Moon Bay. WIll have to check out Barbara's Fish Trap and the beach if we do - esp. those fish & chips!

  2. Ally Says:

    Definitely hit up San Gregorio Beach during low tide and check out the caves. (You can look up the tide times for that day online.) It's beautiful there.

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