1120 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825. (916) 486-1140

It isn't often that you make an awesome new friend with similar interests or that you stumble upon a great new lunch spot and even rarer is when the stars align and they happen at the same time. I recently had a lunch date with a new blogger friend I had met at a Sac Bee Connect blogger meeting, the bloggess behind Tate's Kitchen. If you haven't read her blog before, you should check it out. Her food photos are so delicious looking, the dishes literally look like they're popping off the screen and she's just as nice in person as she is online. Anyhow, we decided to be adventurous and check out a Mediterranean place neither of us had been to before over on Fulton Avenue, called Fresh Medi.

The restaurant turned out to be a bit difficult to find, it's tucked away in a small strip mall. My dining companion said she drove by it twice before she spotted it. (Look for the Mellow Me Out Spa sign which is a bit bigger and higher, Fresh Medi is located next to it. ) Inside the restaurant, you'll find tile floors and booths along one wall and clothed tables throughout the rest of the restaurant. The menu is mostly made up of soups, salads, pita sandwiches, various wraps, and beef/chicken/lamb entrees. On the waiter's recommendation we decided to try the Mediterranean Nachos, he swore that we would love it. We also decided to to split a small Lamb Gyro. The Lamb Gyro was good, but it was completely overshadowed by the deliciousness of the Mediterranean Nachos. The "nachos" were made up of crispy, fried pita triangles topped with marinated pieces of tender chicken, feta cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, and creamy house dressing all set upon a bed of lettuce. (We tried to ask the waiter about the ingredients in the house dressing but we got a lot of vague answers...I don't think they're about to give up any secrets, but he did bring us an extra side of it. Service was friendly and attentive (the restaurant was pretty empty during most of our visit) and our waiter didn't seem to mind that we camped out and chatted over a leisurely lunch. He even gave us a complimentary slice of baklava to sample which turned out to be quite delightful...not overly sweet.

I definitely plan to go back. The Mediterranean Nachos alone are worth a return visit.
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