Mmm, olives..."olive" them! Stuffed with pimentos, pickled garlic, bleu cheese- I seriously just can't get enough of them. I also won't go into how much olive oil we go through in the kitchen at my house. It'd blow your mind. Needless to say, we keep those olive farmers busy! Anyhow, next Thursday (September 8th) myself and several other local Sacramento food bloggers get the pleasure of attending a special tasting dinner at the Greek Village Inn showcasing Star Fine Food's newest olive oil.

Interested in winning a place at the dinner table for two on September 8th? Leave a comment below naming a Star Fine foods product you currently have in your kitchen or one you would like to purchase. Also, please include a way to reach you. A winner will be announced Monday, September 5th. (This contest is being run by a few blogs, so odds are dependent on the final number of entries from all blogs.)



Grilled Artichoke, rubbed with Star Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
served with Star Capers and Lemon Thyme Remoulade

Spicy Imported Dodonis Greek Feta dip with Star Garlic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil served with grilled Pita Bread

Imported Kefalograviera Cheese Saganaki sauteed in Star California Extra
Olive Oil, flambeed table side


Traditional Horiatiki Salata with Heirloom Tomatoes and Imported
Dodonis Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives tossed with Star California Extra Virgin Olive Oil


New Zealand Roasted Lamb Shank basted with Star California Extra Virgin
Olive Oil and Roasted Lemon Potatoes


Grilled Fresh Fruit, marinated in Star California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
and Brandy, served in a Meringue Cup

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oooh ooh. I use their extra virgin olive oil from time to time. I have to say right now I have a different brand in the house right now though. I go through the stuff like crazy too. I need that dinner for two!


  2. WE LOVE STAR! We currently have three (count 'em, three) bottles of EVOO in the cupboard, PLUS a bottle of red wine vinegar, a tin of anchovies, and jars of capers and pepperoncini in the fridge! We're like a freaking Star poster family...

    We pick and cure our own queen sevillano olives, so we rarely purchase them in the store...but we used to grow them too, and I have a feeling the wonderful people at Star were the ones who used to come pick from our little orchard every fall.

    Ok. I'm done with the gushing. But seriously, as a brand ew Sacramento food blogger, long-time foodie and Star lover, I can't imagine somewhere I'd rather be September 8.


  3. Susan Says:

    We recently purchased a jar of Star come home and find we already HAD a jar of Star Capers! The unopened jar is keeping the Fillets of Anchovies company in the cupboard. My husband has great ideas about what to cook with them!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    YetAnotherSusan at Gmail dot com

  4. Foodiewife Says:

    Even if I won, I wouldn't be able to travel that far. Too much going on in my neck of the woods. Have fun, and post a lot of pics!
    Countdown to November....tick, tock, tick, tock.

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