The other day someone had asked about corn recipes and I got all excited and suggested, "Mexican Corn," well after that Mexican Corn was stuck in my head and I began craving the sweet fresh kernels of local summer corn. When I ran the idea of making it by Mr. S. I got that arched eyebrow look that he gives me when he's not happy with an idea, turns out he's not a fan of eating corn off the cob like I am---too messy. I know, I know... let's not even start on that topic. But the craving was already in place, eating away at my food soul, so I decided to go with the less tradition "Mexican Corn off the cob" to appease Mr.I-Don't-Like-To-Get-Corn-In-My-Teeth. Nonetheless, corn on the cob, off the cob---it was delish!

Mexican Corn (adapted from Homesick Texan)


5 cobs of corn

2-3 tablespoons of butter

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

6 lime wedges

3/4 cup of cotija cheese, crumbled

Cayenne to taste


- In an oven heated at 350, cook corn in husk for 25 minutes.

- After taking corn out of oven, let it cool for 5 minutes, and then pull husk layers off.

-To cut the kernels off a corn cob, put the flat stem end in a bowl and run a sharp chef's knife down the length of the ear using a sawing motion into a bowl.

- Add butter, mayo, cayenne, lime, and cotija cheese to warm corn kernels and mix together. Ingredients should melt into corn.

- Serve while still warm.
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  1. Unknown Says:

    This looks sooooo good. Thanks for coming by my blog. How funny that we met at Faith's bday! Leave it to Faith to know everyone. ;)

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