It's springtime and despite the odd weather Sacramento's been experiencing love is in the air and weddings are afoot. Mr. S. and I had the opportunity to attend the exchanging of nuptials of some wonderful friends on Saturday up in Forest Hill. The couple rolled with Mother Nature's punches and had to move the outdoor ceremony indoors at the rustic Forest House Lodge but everything still came together perfectly. The bride looked beautiful, the decorations were whimsical but tasteful and the guests had a great time. Now this wouldn't be a food blog if I didn't comment on the food, right? The food served at the sit-down dinner was good, but what caught my eye was the various inventive touches that the happy couple had taken the time to incorporate into their wedding day: the personalized wedding cake topper (looked just like the bride and groom), a delicious mashed potato bar in the lobby, tasty street tacos in the bar area and an enormous homemade cookie buffet (about a dozen large glass jars ranging from snickerdoodle to gluten-free) in the sitting room. Now I will admit that Mr. S. and I did get reprimanded (albeit it good-naturedly) by the groom for sneaking a cookie pre-ceremony; turns out they were supposed to be taken home as party favors. However I will point out in my defense, as we were being sat for dinner I noticed most of the jars had been ravaged, so we weren't the only cookie bandits on the guest list. :) And yes, we can now answer that age old sing-songy question, "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"  "Ally did...Ally stole the cookie from the cookie jar!" (And that snickerdoodle cookie was so chewy and delish-- that I'd do it again.)

(before the cookie pillaging began)

~ Mazel Tov to the Newlyweds! ~
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