Once the allergies season slows down, springtime in the Sacramento Valley is quite the enjoyable experience. It's like Mother Nature comes through with a wand and throws a rainbow smackdown of color on the city. The tree canopies of East Sac and Midtown become lush with greenery, small colorful birds begin chirping up a storm in the brush and the flowers....well, there's flowers everywhere you look! With the pleasant weather, comes a change of attitude. People want to shuck their wool scarves and don on some shorts and lace up their Chucks. Skateboards and cruisers are brought out of the garage and people, young and old, take to the streets and relish the fantabulous weather. Looking around you'll see an abundance of Sacramentans hanging out on the patios of various coffee shops, breweries and bistros.

After the dreary wet winter, businesses too are excited to host outdoor events celebrating the wine, food and sunshine of the region. One of the best events in the Valley that showcases this is in the small town of Winters, just outside of Sacramento. With just a mere mini-ride away you can find yourself away from the harried city and submerge yourself in some relaxation and merriment. This year's "Springtime in the Vineyard" Picnic, will feature delicious shrimp, carnitas and fresh fruit skewers along with bluegrass tunes by Doc Holler. You can also sip on the newly released 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, 2010 Sunset, Rosé of Primitivo and 2008 Petite Sirah while strolling through the vineyards or lounging under the old Oak Tree while gazing at the exquisite vista views. So gather up your family and friends and make a day out of celebrating spring and the delicious wine of this region!

- Interested parties are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance, as tickets to this event sell out.
- May 28, 2011
- Tickets: Wine Club Members $30 ~ General Admission $40
- Website:
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