With so many chefs prostituting themselves through the media these days, everyone has a favorite chef much like they have a favorite actor or singer. There's the die-hard Bobby Flay fans, the Rachel Ray worshippers and don't forget the Eric Ripert groupies along with many more. Each to their own, I say. Personally, I enjoy Bourdain's caustic style but my heart truly belongs to pastry chef, Johnny Iuzzini. Hot, talented and creates incredible sweets? *Swoon* Well, tonight's my lucky night since Iuzzini will be gracing the screen on Top Chef once again.  If you miss it, don't despair you can catch him on Hulu:  Iuzzini on Top Chef, DC   I know of one person who'll be drooling over more than the desserts while watching this episode.

PS Don't forget to catch him on the new show Top Chef: Just Desserts coming out later this year.
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