547 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 441-7963

"Where the $%^*#@ is this place?" I think were the words that I muttered under my breathe last Thursday when my friend Lacy and I began our trek from the Downtown Plaza parking garage in search of the Pre-Flite. Ever since a fellow friend mentioned it in passing once, I've had a desire to visit this mysterious subterranean watering hole that used to be the spot for airport travelers waiting to catch the shuttle. (I know, I'm a bit odd) Luckily, for us we ran into some friends of Lacy's on the street that were just leaving the lounge. I think they took pity on us and that's why they offered to show us where this place was squirreled away.

Walking into the Pre-Flite is like taking a step back in history. Ever see that show "Quantum Leap?" Yep, a step back like that---far back in history. The bar is small but divided into two levels, the walls are adorned with fun, kitschy memorabilia and the lounge has that dim lighting that only those who have visited Vegas can relate to... lighting that makes it difficult to ascertain whether it's 8am or 8pm while knocking back a few. Additionally, the bartender immediately won my heart over when I requested my standard -Jack on the Rocks. Instead of giving me a quizzical "But you're a girl!" look that my order usually elicits, the barkeep gave me a friendly smile and remarked, "You're my type of girl." Between him, the feisty Jack Russell (Lou) that was bounding about and the cocktail waitress that was an absolute doll, I felt immediately at home.

Pre-Flite will never be the hot spot in the grid nor will it ever be the latest meatmarket locationand for that I'm thankful for. The obscure little bar in the midst of the concrete jungle is the perfect spot to duck into for some tasty grog and good conversation when you just "need to get away."