1815 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 442-0693

I've always been a dive bar girl. Give me a beer and a shot in some hole in the wall joint over some glitzed up LA wanna-be club any day...unless that dive bar is the Elixir. After grabbing some fresh air at the Concert in the Park, a few of us Yelpers and Yelpers-by-association made plans to meet up at this rat's nest, figuring it's proximity to Old I would give us the option to head there to check out a few bands if the mood struck.

First off, if a bar is going to partake in some sort of cheesy gimmick like "Friday's Ladies Night 2-for-1," then honor it for chrissakes. It appeared that if you ordered from the guy bartender (who was very pleasant), you got your 2-for-1 (it didn't matter if it was a well, call or top shelf); but if you ordered from the surly female bartender (if one hates their job that much, maybe they should find a new occupation?) you were advised that the 2-for-1 did not apply. WTF? Isn't that false advertising?

Second, when people drink alcohol, they pee. It's a fact. So, take some of your earnings and fix the damn bathroom so it's at least one step up from disgusting. I had sandals on and was pretty appalled to go in there. First time round, a random fellow patron was nice enough to let me use the men's room since there was a line. He had to hold the door closed for me as the lock didn't work. Also, for your chafing pleasure there was no TP, paper towels only. I guess they're just looking to create plumbing issues. The ladies room later on wasn't much better. In addition, to being decorated by giant holes in the wall (what did someone try to kick their way out of there?), there was a puddle of urine on the floor and no soap.

So if you're looking to get some attitude or a bout of staph from the nasty restrooms, this is your place. Otherwise, there's much better places in the grid to check out.