5207 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841. (916) 334-8711

Growing up the daughter of a Brooklynite, all I've ever heard about is the days of Ebbet's Field, the infamous Brooklyn Dodgers, and the greatness of NY hot dogs ("none better in the world, honey!"). For nearly a century, NY has been famous for its delicious street-carters hawking it's tasty dogs and it's given us legendary wiener establishments such as Nathan's of Coney Island and Manhattan's Gray's Papaya. So it was much to my dad's surprise when we found a place in Sac that serves up tasty hot dogs, old school style--not those fancy pants Euro-dogs. Afterall, who doesn't love a great hot dog? Taking a big bite and hearing that snap of the's a throwback to a simpler time.

Wiener Works is inconspicuously tucked away in a strip mall off of Madison alongside a donut shop and Brazilian's your typical cash only hole-in-the-wall. Fancy-schmancy, WW is not. It's a family owned joint that's been around Sacramento for quite a number of years. It's decorated with crayola green tables and fire-engine red chairs, buzzing beer lights and a tile floor (for quick cleaning). The walls are adorned with various beverage signs, oddball dog prints and cute sayings. No need to gussy up and do your hair...if you're wearing a pair of jeans and a ball cap, you'll fit right in with most of the clientele. Although, lately I've seen quite a bit of suits during the lunch rush as word about this gem has gotten out.

What's on the menu, you ask? Plump, juicy beer-steamed beef hot dogs! Starting at around $4 for the basic, you can satisfy your hot dog fix with any number of preparations. WW offers up all your favorite condiments (ketchup, mustard, spicy mustard, relish, onions) along with a tangy kraut, healthy red cabbage and a grubbin' chili (with or without cheese). Your wish is their command! They also serve up corn dogs, bagel dogs, sausages and burgers. For those who just can't get enough, WW also touts a 14 inch dog for about $6. In addition to their mouthwatering dogs, WW has the best French fries in town, hands down. No frozen fries for these guys! Like an Army private on KP duty, there's somebody administering to transforming those piles of taters into some shoestring goodness. Now be aware that the fries come in three sizes: Tiny ($2.69), Small ($3.49) and large ($4.39). Those in the know, know that a Tiny is MORE than enough for two adult people. The serving size is crazy and you can get them sans salt if you wish. Lastly, WW is quite kid friendly and has a children's menu that includes a corndog, chips and a soda...sure to make the frazzled parent happy. BTW, drink refills are 1/2 off and there's a terrific assortment of beers to choose from.

If you decide to visit, you'll probably see me hunkered over with a ball cap lowered over my eyes and going in for a giant bite of my ketchup and chunky onion dog (hey no flack, that's what I like). Be sure to say hi, but keep your fingers out of my fries!