I love summertime at the market. The selection increases and the tables seem to overflow with a multitude of bright colors. It makes me want to dance down the aisles and shout out, "So long root veggies and tubers, hellooooo juicy berries and ripe melons!" while kicking hipster moms with their 6 by 6 strollers out of the way. If you haven't been to the farmers' market in Sac, you're missing out. There are a few weekday markets in Midtown now that the weather's nice, but my favorite is the W Street location on Sunday mornings. What's nice about the W Street location is that it's in the shade, provides plenty of parking, has a good array of vendors (fruit, veggies, fish, meat, flowers) and there's an asian farmers' market kitty corner from it (great for picking up essentials like ginger, peppers and herbs).

* Here's a great site for locating a Sacramento farmers' market by you:  Certified Farmers' Markets
* Info on the Oak Park location can be found at : Oak Park Farmers' Market
* In a hurry? Kaiser Permanente now has a few small farmers' markets in front of select facilities, where you can swoop in and pick up some produce: Kaiser Farmers' Markets

(Photo by Julie Davis Photo)
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  1. Unknown Says:

    I love summertime at the farmer's markets, too! Mmmm...berries! My favorite!

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