During my recent move, I somehow lost or misplaced my two shopping bags. These bags were nothing special but served their purpose and were super functional for trips to the farmers' market or grocery store. So for the last week or so I've been perusing various websites in search of a new replacement tote. Who would have thought there were so many cute ones to choose from? I haven't made my purchase yet, but I've listed a few that have caught my eye.

What kind of bag/tote do you use for your shopping trips?

Envirosax Flora Bag $8.50

Reuseit  Recycled Rice Bag $9.95

MelangerieNYC State By Food Tote Bag $25.00

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I use the envirosax ones. They roll up really small and close with a snap when you're not using it. Perfect to stow in a purse or glove compartment! I bring mine on trip too!

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