933 Main St, Saint Helena, CA 94574, (707) 963-3486

Taylor's takes to you back to a simpler time. When folks stood in line for their food instead of chugging past a window in the drive-thru while simultaneously yapping into their Bluetooth headsets. A time when families and friends sat at picnic tables and enjoyed a meal, some sunny weather and some good conversation. Taylor's Automatic Refresher does a great job of transporting you to that era and eliciting that sense of nostalgia that you had all but forgotten that you had.

It carries a pretty extensive menu for a burger joint- there's a bevy of hormone free California beef burger selections as well chicken and seafood (i.e. calamari, fish tacos) choices. For those seeking a less artery clogging option, there's 4 salads (house, cobb, Chinese chicken & chopped); as well as the housemade chili to partake in. In addition, the eatery rounds out its offerings with a rainbow assortment of milkshake flavors and a classic root beer float.

The fact that Taylor's is in wine country is quite evident by their drink menu. The wine list is pretty extensive--including such vinos as Frog's Leap, Rombauer & Caymus. Also, you can bring your own bottle of wine for a $5 corkage fee. For those who would prefer knocking back a few suds, they do carry several beers (Lagunitas, North Coast, Anderson Valley & Moylan's to rattle off a few).

During our visit, I opted for Taylor's ahi burger and the sweet potato fries. The ahi was seared rare then served with a ginger wasabi mayo and asian sweet slaw on a toasted egg bun. Let's just say that I inhaled my order in a non-ladylike manner in a matter of was that good! Although the garlic fries, which I got to sample, were quite delicious; my favorite was the sweet potato fries. Who doesn't love sweet potatoes? Especially when they're dusted with chili spice! I actually caught myself discreetly licking my finger tips to prolong that tangy, spicy sting from the chili dust on my tongue. Hopefully, my lunchmates didn't notice my declasse behavior.

The prices are a bit higher than your average burger hut, but you're in the vicinity of Napa after all (Main Street in Saint Helena). Entrees run from $4.99 to $13.99, with the average at about $8.50. Sides are sold separately and will run you an extra $2-$4. I would definitely suggest stopping by if you're out traipsing around the wineries. It's a nice place to refuel your body in between tastings at the vineyards...and it's hard to miss-- just look for the bright red picnic tables. If the line looks a bit long, call in your order. Then you can just pop by the pick up window and grab your tasty grinds.
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