1716 L St, Sacramento, CA 95811, (916) 443-7685

I like things simple---whether it's my meals (Japanese usually), my drinks (scotch neat or Jack on the rocks), my clothing (jeans & a tee if I can get away with it).

I had passed the sign for Old Soul the last time I was dragged to McCrapville...errr...Crepeville (sorry, reflex, I hate Crepeville). It was a small inconspicous sign jutting out into the back alley. I figured next time it was a nice weekend day and I had a morning to spare, I'd go exploring.

Since I had a coupla errands to run today in the area, I ducked in there. At first I was a bit surprised. It's pretty much a bare walls operation. Tim, the owner, a nice guy with a friendly smile, introduced himself and advised me that they were a wholesale roasting company but they did also serve the public. He also gave me a write-up, so I could read about the coffee that they were serving that day, while he poured my cup.

The "shop" is a large room with brick walls, a comfy looking couch and I think there was one small bistro set out front. To get in, you walk through a rolled-up garage door. Everything there is $2.00 and they implement the honor system (you make your own change from a large glass jar).

There's no stupid names for the coffee (you're not going to find a venti-caramel- whipped-half nonfat-mocha-chocoattiato with opium sprinkles here) and no long lines. Coffee's hot and served in a plain white paper cup, no frills... and it's pretty darn good! I liked it.

Along the counter, there were a few delectable baked goods (that I think they bake in-house). One immediately caught my eye--- the carrot pecan muffin. Mind you, I'm not a muffin girl. Most are dry, crumbly and illicit a "Pafleeh!" response from me as I spit it out and chuck the remainder in the trash. But Old Soul's carrot pecan muffin was awesome. It was buttery, not too sweet, moist and incredibly tasty... a melt, in your mouth muffin. God, it rocked! I hope it's something they have often because, in the words of our less-than-stellar governor--- I will be baaaaack!! I'm already jonesing for another one.

So, if your looking for some good coffee to sip or a bag of beans to brew, hit up Old Soul. I think their hours are limited. I tried to do an online search for more info, since I have never heard anyone mention the place before but all I could find was a small, recent article in the SNR. I lifted the address and phone number from that article, so I hope it's correct. (Just hook a left turn right before Crepeville, if on L Street. It's in that alley way between L & Capitol).

And be sure and try a carrot-pecan muffin! Old Soul is truly simplicity at it's finest.
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