4491 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822, (916) 452-6888

Trimspa has nothing on this place.

It was a cold, rainy Monday night when I thought I'd pop into Futami's, my go to place for simple Japanese food. But after making my way up the perilous maze of Hwy 99, I discovered Futami's was closed. It was one of those smack your head moments---dammit, it's a Monday! And like any real Japanese restaurant, it was closed on a Monday.

I nosed my Civic back towards the grid, opting to take Freeport instead... when lo and behold, what's that I see over yonder? A bright "Open," sign at the Sushi Cafe. It's Japanese looking, it's open... Sure, why not?

...Screeeeeeeeech! Bad move! Rewind! Rewind!

This is where I wish I could rewind the events that occurred, but life's not like a dvd...unfortunately. To its credit the Sushi Cafe made me lose a good 5 lbs. in one night. Not that I'm complaining about losing a few pounds of pudge, but reenacting Linda Blair in the Exorcist is not my idea of a healthy way of achieving this goal.

During my visit, I had opted for the saba shioyaki and the seared tuna for take out. Placing my order was easy enough, but the 25 minute wait for my order (no exaggeration) was beyond ridiculous. Sitting in the hard-ass entryway chair gave me plenty of time to notice how dirty the carpet was, how there was an inordinate amount of litter under the tables and that the service staff (mostly young student aged girls) was more interested in gossiping with their friends that stopped in then acknowledging any actual customers that stood impatiently in line.

The food was absolutely inedible. The saba shioyaki tasted like no other saba dish, I've ever encountered in my lifetime. But it was the tuna that made me cringe (& hurl). The tuna was over seared and coated in this odd, nasty salt-like mixture. Totally revolting. Both dishes were quickly disposed of in the trash, but it was too late... the noxious meal was already into play. I pulled a vomit comet for the better part of the night and couldn't look at food the entire next day.

Had I read a few Yelp reviews of this place prior to my visit, I would have stayed far, far away from this establishment. Unless you like praising the porcelain gods (repeatedly), I suggest you opt for another sushi venue.
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