10439 California 1, Jenner, CA 95450. (707) 865-2251

So last week, I went on my first work trip with my new job. We got to spend 5 days in the lovely Russian River area. The scenery in that part of California was beautiful (billowy fog, clear blue water and loads and loads of trees, flowers and greenery), not to mention it was about 20 degrees cooler than Sacramento. My coworkers and I stayed at this little hotel in Guerneville (called Fern Grove) made up of little rustic cottages.

My cottage had a separate living room as well as a kitchenette with a microwave and a fridge. Nothing fancy but cute nonetheless. The bathroom did have this additional, weird red overhead light though. When turned on, it gave the bathroom this weird opium den feel and made me want to belt out the Police's "Roxanne." (Later, I found out this was a heat light.)

The second day of our trip, my coworkers and I met up with the superintendent for Mendocino-Russian River State Parks District at Café Aquatica for an early morning meeting. Café Aquatica is located in the small, picturesque town of Jenner and looks like a charming beach shack set along the side of the road.

The coffee shop itself is quite tiny, but there's ample seating outside and with a spectacular view like this who wouldn't want to sit outside?

The two gals working the shop the day we visited were sweet as pie. When one of my coworkers panicked because they only took cash, they graciously told her that she could pay them back next time she was in the area. (Don't worry, she got covered.) Café Aquatica's coffee, I have to say, is just as good as their view. They get their beans from a small fair-trade farm in Nicaragua and micro roast them on site. There was none of that burnt or acidy taste that a lot of places seem to have. Each cup is done as a pour over, made to order. They also offer a mouthwatering menu of fresh soups, salads, sandwiches and baked treats. Try one of their breakfast sandwiches! (My coworker said it was delicious. Her poached eggs with lox on toasted, homemade focaccia looked amazing and I instantly regretted not ordering one to go.) Also, according to the barista, they only use certified organic and non-GMO products- so that's a big plus. ☺

If you're in the area and aren't in a rush, I highly recommend stopping by Café Aquatica for a cuppa joe. Take it out onto the raised deck, plop yourself into an Adirondack chair and grab a moment of peace and tranquility before starting your day. It's such a great place to collect your thoughts, inhale some crisp, coastal air and refuel your soul.

(PS dog lovers- Fido is welcome here, so bring him to enjoy the view as well.)

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  1. Ruby Says:

    Sounds like a nifty place! Loving your background by the way.. the journal aspect of it is so charming and different for a blog.. makes me wish I had thought about it for my blog. Thanks for sharing this little gem.

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