Stumped on what to get your food-centric friends this holiday season? Here's some ideas:

1. Every year around the holidays, I have to watch A Christmas Story. I laugh my head off every time I see Flick's tongue gets stuck on the frozen pole, when Ralphie comes down the stairs in the hideous bunny outfit from his aunt and of course the scene with Ralphie's dad and the leg lamp-  "FRAGILE (FRA-GEE-LAY). It must be Italian!"  I love that scene so much Mr. S. got me a teeny tiny version of the leg lamp (that lights up) as a stocking stuffer last year. Anyhow when I saw these cookie cutters, I had to jump up and down in glee. Available at Amazon

2. An assortment of chocolates or macarons from Ginger Elizabeth is always appreciated.

3. A dwarf Meyer lemon tree. Mr.S. bought me one this fall and it's doing great. We're keeping ours outdoors on his patio but they grow just as well indoors. Pick one up along with a pretty pot at Green Acres Nursery.

4. I love this enamelware bake set from the MoMA Store. Super versatile and durable. It's made by a British company (Falcon) that's been around since the 1920's.


5. Super adorable bicycle mugs from Fishs Eddy make a great stocking stuffer.
6. Wylie Howell Corn Whiskey is made from California organic, whole grain sweet corn. Single pass, pot still. Supposedly, it is named for Kentucky-born Wylie Howell who became a distiller during Prohibition to support his family. He was later convicted and jailed for shooting a sheriff in a dispute over illegal liquor. The whiskey is now produced by Howell''s grandson Greg Jones. Tastes good and comes in a cute jug to boot!
7. Engraved rolling pins in either solid cherry or maple wood from Richwood Creations. They can be found on Etsy, although when in stock ScoutMob has them cheaper.
8. "Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes," by Maryellen Burns and Keith Burns. Available in paperback at Time Tested Books and Amazon.
9. Coffee snob? Get them a bag or two of their favorite beans from Temple Coffee and a Bialetti Moka pot or a Chemex. It's a gift that will perk them up for months to come.
 Photo Source Unknown
10. For a local, seasonal gift give a gift box of the Japanese delicacy- hoshigaki. Made right here in Granite Bay at Otow Orchard.
"Massaged, hand-dried persimmon made by an ancient method of peeling the unripe persimmon then massaging it for 4-6 weeks as it ripens and dries. The end product is like a dried date with a light dusting of naturally formed white fructose."

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    Great gift ideas! (and now I want some Ginger Elizabeth chocolates...)

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