I know it was 100+ degrees this weekend, but did you check out the Japanese Bazaar at the Buddhist Church of Sacramento? We popped over last night around 7pm, when it had slightly cooled down. The bazaar is one of my favorite food events of the year, mainly because they serve some of the best BBQ teriyaki chicken in town (and this comes from a girl who's normally not even very fond of teriyaki). The price went up a buck this year (from $6 to $7) for the chicken but was still worth it. Mr.S. and I got an order of that, some ribs and a few rice balls to chow on while we listened to the East Wind Band bust out some upbeat R&B, soul and funk jams ("September," anyone?). There was also giant teriyaki beef sandwiches, croquettes, sushi, udon and various Japanese side dishes to grub on. Everyone around us seemed to be having a jolly time eating, drinking, chatting and playing games; some brave folks even got up near the stage and got their boogie on.

The festival is going on until 9pm today (Sunday, August 12th) so if you get a chance, check it out...and get the chicken if you can. :)

More info: Buddhist Church of Sacramento
2401 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento
Admission is free. Food cost varies.
Street Parking.

Ribs, Japanese Slaw & Rice Balls
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  1. sporkgasm Says:

    I did not make it because of the weather. But if I'd have known they had food and balls, I may have gone anyways.

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