3754 J Street, Sacramento, 95816. (916) 452-7551

Sometimes when you food blog you get so hyped up about the new eateries that open up or a cool new delish dish that's popped up that you forget all about your trusty standby joints. For the past several years, Mr. S. and I have frequented Midtown Taqueria on J Street. The staff's always been friendly, the food's served up fresh and fast and it doesn't do too much damage to our wallets. Now I'm not going to get in a pissing contest with you over whether this place is the most authentic Mexican place in town, whether it cooks their dishes like your abuela used to or if it only uses locally grown veggies and grass-fed meats...because in all likelihood it doesn't. And quite frankly, I could care less. I've never had a bad meal there, left hungry or had awful service so they must be doing something right. Plus nine out of ten times we run into someone we know on the patio so we must not be the only Sacramentans who think Midtown Taqueria's servin' up some consistently good eats.

When I first started going there, I was all about their shrimp burrito, I wouldn't deviate. I think I ate my weight in their shrimp burritos at one point. Their shrimp burritos consist of medium-sized grilled prawns mixed with rice, beans, guac, salsa, cheese and a hefty dollop of sour cream all wrapped up tightly in a flour tortilla then encased in aluminum foil. The burrito was usually the size of my forearm. I never did finish the whole thing in one sitting. But then Mr. S. got me hooked on their carnitas plate and it quickly became my go to dish. I love how they cook their carnitas, it kind of reminds me of the vaca frita I've had at Cuban restaurants. I always have them leave off the refried beans (which Mr. S. loves, I'm just not a bean girl) and go all rice. Eating this with a basket of (free) homemade chips and salsas, drinking a Pacifico on their little "tiki" patio while we people doesn't get more relaxing in East Sac. By the way, if carnitas aren't your thing, the taqueria also offers street tacos (mmm...try the lengua tacos), fajitas, chimichangas, tamales, tostadas, and various seafood plates (mariscos). They also serve up pozole daily and menudo on the weekends (I've heard mixed reviews on their menudo). Best of all, if the patio's too crowded or you just feel like chowing at home, Midtown Taqueria does to-go orders---Olé!
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  1. C Lo Says:

    I could eat here and at Jacks and never get tired of them. Their street tacos are so good and so filling and one of them is only $2. I've seriously gotten that and a soda and with the chips have left stuffed for under $5.

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