Looking for a last-minute homemade gift to whip up? Or perhaps you're just thinking ahead about a yummy condiment to pair up with some leftover Christmas turkey? Then give this mouth-smackin' cranberry honey mustard a try.

Cranberry Honey Mustard (The Mustard Book by Jan Roberts-Dominguez)


3/4 cup yellow mustard seeds

1/2 cups cider vinegar

1 1/4 cups dried cranberries

3 tablespoons honey (I added a little extra)

1 teaspoon salt


- In a non-aluminum pot or jar, combine the mustard seeds, vinegar and cranberries, cover and soak for 48 hours; adding additional vinegar if necessary to maintain enough liquid to cover the seeds (but you don't want it to be overly sloshy).

- Scrape the soaked seed-and-cranberry mixture into a food processor and process until the mixture turns from liquid and seeds to a creamy mixture flecked with seeds and bits of cranberry. The process takes about 3 to 4 minutes, so be patient. You may need to add additional vinegar as necessary to create a nice creamy mustard, keep in mind that it will thicken slightly upon standing. After about a week of aging the cranberry flavor seems to settle into this mustard and make it all the better, but it is perfectly good immediately. Makes 3 1/3 cups.

- Follow standard hot water bath procedures for canning.
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