527 A Munroe St, Sacramento, CA 95825, (916) 485-3888

Every time I think of the Thai House, I get p.o.'d at my friend J. all over again. How long J.'s known about Thai House and kept it his own dirty little secret is anyone's guess. Like a sultry mistress on the side, he never gave us an inkling that he had this place squirreled away in his 'hood for his thai food booty calls. According to the hostess, T.H.'s been there for about two years. How it eluded my food radar until now is a complete mystery to me.

Thoughts of this Thai House's dishes make my taste buds bust out in a happy disco (Deney Terrio-style) and my tummy gurgle with fond memories of mouthwatering spices and savory bites. Not to be confused with the other numerous Thai Houses in the Sac area, this little treasure is wedged towards the back of a strip mall at the corner of Munroe and Fair Oaks (aka Loehman's Plaza). Upon arrival, Anna, the waitress/hostess/ all around restaurant extraordinaire will greet you with a 100-watt, beaming smile. Anna's cheerful attitude and expeditious service is one of the primary reasons that I've became a Thai House convert. She's on the mark with recommendations, doesn't bat an eye on modifications and even when the place becomes full and crazy busy, she's able to squeeze in some friendly conversation. After my first two visits, I felt like a regular.

The decor in T.H. is simple but fresh. Care has been taken to accentuate the small establishment with a few bits of tasteful art, without going overboard and verging on clutter. The portions are sizable and non-noodle dishes come with rice. My current favorite dish there is the Koong-Yang, which are delectable, garlic-marinated prawns accompanied by a spicy lime sauce (due to the potent garlic factor-- not advisable if you're on a date and looking for some good night kiss action). To be honest every dish I've had there so far from curry to pad thai to soup has been perfect. I wasn't blown away by the Kuay See Mer (a gravy sauce punctuated by mushrooms/ carrots/bamboo/corn/and a choice of meat over hard, crispy noodles) but that was because it wasn't something I'd normally order (dining companion's choice) as opposed to it being bad. The satay and po-pia tod were delicious and not too oily like at some of the other places in town. My only grievance would be that their wine list is a bit lacking (Kirkwood White Zin? Sigh.). I feel that they could have fun with the list and carry a few inexpensive labels that taste better.

I realize that there are a multitude of thai restaurants currently peppering the grid, but T.H.'s is worth the slight hop, skip and jump to the 'burbs (did that really come out of my mouth?). And should you need someone to help you eat all those dishes you order, I'll gladly volunteer my services.
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