2904 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95817, (916) 457-5507

Squirreled away amongst some cute vintage homes in Curtis Park is the Coffee Garden. From the outside, it appears to be a quirky, little neighborhood cafe and its exterior does not deceive. The inside radiates a funky urbanesque vibe and serves up a nice cup of joe.

The front of the house sports comfy chairs and several snooze-worthy couches. There's a smattering of tables for its more studious clientele as well as free Wi-Fi. But meander back to the rear garden, it's what makes this locale special and sets it apart from its competitors. Much like Frances Hodgson Burnett's "Secret Garden," this little oasis offers one a serene setting to catch up on leisurely activities such as --- reading, knitting or just some plain old daydreaming. There are a few fountains interspersed throughout the patio to drown out the hubbub of the street, as well as a fair amount of greenery to insulate one from the chaotic flurry of the "real world." It's easy to see how a person could effortlessly while away the hours here without realizing it.

The shop is open from 7am -10pm daily, which is perfect for those of us who work banker's hours (or close to it) and wish to decompress during the twilight period or to laze about on a weekend. A sincere thanks goes out to my super, cool friends that divulged this little gem as I have a feeling that I'll be patronizing it frequently.
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