3651 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816, (916) 455-7155

I may not know owner Dave Boyet personally, but sometimes I feel like his pub, the Bonn Lair, is an extension of my own home. Since I stumbled upon it about eight years ago, it's been the go to place for me to relax with friends, grab an after dinner drink with a date and even throw an unofficial Yelp event or two.

The BL is located next to the La Trattoria in East Sac but within stumbling distance of the grid for Midtowners. It's a cozy, traditional British-style pub that's graced Sac with it's presence since roughly the mid-90's and quickly developed into a favorite neighborhood watering hole. The bar itself exudes a masculine feel- long wooden booths, an assortment of sport memorabilia and a backroom outfitted with darts. In addition, the front end is equipped with a small patio for the overflow and the back end with an open gazebo-like area for the smokers to chill and chat. The atmosphere is relaxed with various locals congregated here and there sucking down their brews, decompressing and BSing about whatever comes to mind. Occasionally the steady hum of conversation is pierced by a loud cheer for some slick rugby move on the telly. I've always found the patrons to be friendly and have come away most nights with a new friend or two. The bartenders Joe, John and (my fav) Mike are quick with the pour and always willing to chat up both the old-timers and the newcomers.

And most importantly, let's not forget the beer...oh the wonderful beer! Bonn Lair carries my favorite- Chimay (aka the nectar of the gods), as well as my trusty standby- Guinness on tap but it also showcases a multitude of great draughts, ales, bottled beers and ciders for every palate (for example Old Speckled Hen, Maredsous, and lambics...quit salivating now...). Most recently I discovered that they also offer a "beer by the bucket" special, how cool is that?

Too much beer and need some grub? The BL is one step ahead of you and has taken the liberty of offering some pub fare to the likes of some fish-n-chips, bangers and the infamous Scotch egg. The staff also doesn't raise an eyebrow or grouse if you prefer more standard eats and wish to bring in some Chinese takeout from next door or a pizza from Pizza Guys just a few doors down. Oh and don't forget on Sundays once you've placated your tastebuds and destroyed your liver with beer at the BL, you can always match wits and engage in a friendly game of Pub Trivia. You gotta love a place that allows a group of girls to christen their trivia team, "The Yoni's." :)

My only gripe about the Bonn Lair...and it's a teeny-tiny gripe, is- what genius decided to install the paper towel pull on the opposite wall from the sink and a mere two inches above the toilet paper dispenser? When one is three sheets to the wind and has a bladder the size of a peanut, the last thing they want to do is mistakenly dry their yoni with a rough industrial grade paper towel. Ouch! Well, my yoni may not love you BL but I sure do! See you soon!
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