1112 Firehouse Alley, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 442-5751

Recently, some friends and I found ourselves ducking down a dark alley in Old Sac and timidly stepping through the iron gated doorway of the Back Door Lounge. Crossing over the threshold, we found ourselves confronted with a sight that equated a cross between Liberace's boudoir and an old time brothel. As your eyes adjust to the candlelit room, you're greeted by a sleek piano, gilded frames, and various mirrors tucked here and there. After taking a moment to absorb our surroundings, we sidled up to the bar and were greeted by a sprightly barkeep with a strong pour and a quiet smile. Seeing that he was the only person manning the entire bar, I was a bit in awe that the barkeep was able to keep pace with all the orders, all the while routinely putting coasters under the drinks to preserve the glossy wood bar. Leaning against the bar, I found the scene at the Back Door Lounge to be soothing. The atmosphere was dark and sultry and the old time crooners floating from the jukebox seemed to placate the masses. Besides the large bar counter surrounded by velvet flocked toile wallpaper, there are also deep booths to slide in and out of, as well as an upper level where couples can engage in a quiet tete-a-tete. We were advised that the Back Door Lounge can get a bit raucous when the lounge singer is in full effect; however, the night we were there it was much more subdued. Probably not a locale I'd frequent but I did enjoy my sojourn there.
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