3110 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817.

When I heard another new eatery was going in at the corner of Alhambra and Broadway to replace Broadway Wings and Things recently I didn't pay much mind. After all, places have come and gone as far back as I can remember on that odd little island at the entry of Oak Park; but when I heard that the owners were going to be offering up authentic New Orleans fare, that's when they had my attention. I love shrimp po boys and beignets. There's nothing better than biting into the crackling crust of a soft-fluffy French roll and your tongue hitting the inner layer of remoulade and fresh Gulf shrimp with crisp cornmeal breading. Damn! If I'm feeling sassy, I might squirt some Crystal hot sauce on it too. Oh and don't forget to chase it all down with an ice cold Dixie beer. *Sigh, nostalgia* Anyhow, my hopes soared and I made plans to check the joint out ASAP.

So last week, the super awesome Emily from Community Tap and Table joined me over at Original PoBoys for a bite. Parking was a bit of an issue for me as the restaurant is in a bit of an awkward location- there isn't much nearby street parking, there's extremely limited parking in their lot and it's not the safest neighborhood for a woman to be walking around by herself at night. I did notice that once I got near the restaurant, the area surrounding the restaurant was well lit. Inside, although the basic architecture was still reminiscent of when the place was a KFC back in the day, the owner had done a nice job of renovating and cleaning it up. I found the staff to be polite and service to be quick. I decided to order a 8" shrimp po boy (the smallest size) and a soda (I had also inquired about the beignets but was advised that they were only served before 1030am). Wow, an 8 inch sandwich sounds small until they bring that sandwich to your table, holy moly! That was one giant sandwich. Unfortunately, that's about where my rave ends. I had visions of past phenomenal po boys dancing in my head (and on my taste buds) and after my first bite of this one, they were dashed. The bread was bland, the shrimp were soggy and tasteless...the po boy was completely lackluster. I ended up pulling the bread off and just eating the shrimp. My po boy was a clunker. When I looked across the table, I noticed Emily doing the same as well. What a bummer.

Considering that Original PoBoys is still in their first month of operation, I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they're still trying to find their footing. Hopefully over time they'll be able to iron out the kinks and get their po boys up to speed and then they can,"Laissez les bon temps rouler!"
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  1. C Lo Says:

    Good to know. Have you tried the Po Boy place thats on the corner of Broadway and 65th? I've been meaning to try that one too.....or just go back to NOLA. ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i don't know what u had',but the Po Boys we just ate were outstanding.......and I've been to New Orleans. I think they have ironed out the problems cause well be back

  3. Karen Says:

    My husband is from New Orleans originally and we were just there this month and had the catfish. Agree the bread is bad. What's a po boy without good bread?
    It had no taste and was really stale. We had to throw it away. My husband was mad. The catfish tasted like it had been cooked and left to sit under a lamp. And it was not like the meal was cheap!!! Sounds like the place is not consistent.

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