I came across an article about the Sumo Citrus in the LA Times last year and I've been slightly obsessed with the fruit since. Now it's no secret that I'm a bit of a Satsuma junkie so when I heard that the Sumo Citrus was even sweeter, I was intrigued. Luckily, an article in The Kitchn mentioned that the Northern California Whole Foods Markets would be carrying the fruit so I contacted the store nearest to me (WF at Arden & Eastern) and was advised by their friendly representative that they should be getting some in around February. Well, (sound the trumpets) they finally came in!

A little back history...the Sumo Citrus isn't actually anything new. It was developed way back in the 70's in Japan, where it went under the name Dekopon (sounds like a creature that should be battling it out in a Godzilla movie or maybe some sort of new birth control injection, no?). However, it has just recently started being grown in California's San Joaquin Valley and marketed under the name, Sumo Citrus. The Sumo Citrus is quite large, with a bumpy loose rind that peels easily and it's adorned with a "top knot." It's seedless, juicy and the plump pulp is similar to that of the navel orange. The taste, however, is incredibly sweet and what sets it apart- sweeter than my beloved Satsumas. Their season/availability is relatively short, so if you're interested in trying them I wouldn't wait long!
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