Wow, I hope you survived last week's wretched heat. It was HOT. Like under boob sweat producing hot. Thank goodness, it's over...for now at least. Anyhow, if you were brave enough to venture out into the furnace-like temperatures you may have seen  a gaggle of folks milling about and staring intently at their phones over at the Hyatt. No, they weren't catching Pokemon, they're food and wine bloggers in town for IFBC, most likely attempting to capture a few shots of a sexy looking wine bottle or an intricate arrangement of figs in natural light.  Or if you're like me and lucky enough to live in town, you're rollin' on by after a full day at the office.  Really...there's nothing like walking 3 blocks in 107 degree heat and busting into the Hyatt lobby looking sweaty and tired whilst everyone else looks cool, calm, and crisp.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few photos from the IFBC. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend any of the day time excursions like toCapay Valley Ranches or Old Sugar Mill because I had to work but several people mentioned that they had a blast. 

Here's a few shots from the Opening Night Reception I attended:

Almond Strawberry Trifles compliments of the folks at California Almonds
Marinated Cabecou from Laura Chenel...the herb one was so good, I'm going to have to pick some up.

California Cling Peach Caprese from the CA Cling Peach Board
Hope they start carrying Gowan's Heirloom Cider in Sac soon, the Gravenstein cider was terrific. Not overly sweet, no hinky aftertaste and extremely refreshing.

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  1. Darleen Says:

    Your first photo, the ones with the strawberry truffle remind me of French verines. So wish we had these here in Sacramento! Small glasses of bursting flavor in sweet or savory foods.

  2. Ally Says:

    Wow! That sounds amazing! A friend of mine is doing the desserts at Formoli's currently. I wonder if she could whip a batch up.

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