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I miss living in the Grid. Like REALLY miss it.  Although I love living with Mr. S and the kiddos, I miss being close to the all things I like to do. These days I feel like I spend a lot of time on 50 driving into downtown for work, driving back to the 'burbs and then turning right back around to meet up with friends in Midtown.  On weekends, I find myself down there again, grabbing a drink with buddies or a bite to eat with Mr. S. Being in the 'burbs bites.  For one thing, there's more Starbucks then you can shake a stick at but hardly any good independent coffee shops.  

One of my favorite places of late to unwind is a place down near Mandy's house-  Broadway Coffee. Not quite the Grid, but just on the perimeter.  It's located on a quiet corner as you enter OP.  The building used to be pretty non-descript but recently they gave the building a little mini-makeover and it's sporting a fun mural that makes it pop from its surroundings.  The shop serves Temple coffee and has the most scrumptious desserts. My favorite is the pecan whisky tart (heated) but I've had terrific lemon bars, apple bread pudding and cookies there as well. (They get their desserts from Desserts by Vesela and also carry some vegan eats by the Sassy Oh Baking Company.)  I also love that more often than naught, I can pop in there and grab a table with no wait.  So far the place seems to be immune to the hipster infestation that seems to plague most of the neighborhood coffee houses in the Grid and it's surrounding areas. Not to rant too much about the subject, but I'm so tired of entering a coffee shop, buying a coffee and having no where to sit because people are camped out there for HOURS with their stupid laptops. I wish there was a max time limit on patrons being able to monopolize a table. I know, I know...first world problems.

Anyhow, the best part of Broadway Coffee is the staff.  Seriously! In a time where good customer service is next to impossible to find, this little cafe nails it.  No matter when I've gone in, I've found each staff member to be friendly and welcoming.  My favorite barista though is Elizabeth.  This lady has a 1000 kilowatt smile and within 2 minutes makes you feel at home. 

If you get a chance, stop in and grab a cuppa, plop down at a table and savor a little "you" time.  You won't be sorry. 

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