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If you watch, "How I Met Your Mother," you might remember the episode where the gang goes running around NYC frantically looking for "THE" burger. Upon finding it, the following conversation takes place:

Lily: This burger is so good, its like Christmas in my mouth. Meat Christmas.
Ted: Its like an angel from heaven landed in the kitchen of McClaren's... where the chef killed it and ran it through the meat grinder.
Barney: I love this burger so much I want to sew my ass shut.

Well, quite frankly, that's how I feel about the lamb burger at Broderick. If the calorie and cholesterol count wouldn't kill me, I'd be there every other day wolfing one down. Yea, it's that good!

How did I come by this burger? Purely by chance. I heard all the chatter and read all the press last fall when Broderick opened. I kept meaning to go and check out what all the hub-bub was about but I couldn't find the time. Then I got a post on my blog's Facebook page from a Kristina Becerra telling me that I really need to check out Broderick and that they serve "some of the best pub grub ever." Well, who doesn't love pub grub? So about two months ago, a friend and I stopped into Broderick after a jaunt through the West Sacramento evening farmers' market. We used the GPS to find our way over there and I'm glad we did, it's tucked in a little nook off of 6th Street and if you're not looking closely, it's easy to zoom by it. As we were walking into the building, two guys pulled up and asked us if it was a church. Pretty funny, but I could see how they could make that mistake. The building's exterior has a bit of an old mission look to it. The interior lends itself more towards a roadhouse-like vibe though. To the right is a large bar and high-top tables and to the left is a small dining room with TV. The predominant theme to the décor was black, dark wood and more black and dark wood. ☺ For this visit, we sat on the dining room side. Surprisingly there were a lot of families with small children at Broderick. My friend and I both ended up ordering the lamb burger that was shown on the table tents and a pint of refreshing grapefruit-sage kombucha. The lamb burger was amazing! The meat was cooked perfectly (nice and juicy) and the flavoring was spot on. The menu said the lamb was spiced Lebanese-style, I'm not exactly sure what that entails but my tastebuds loved it. I'm pretty sure I tasted some cumin and coriander somewhere in there...and maybe some mint? The burger came outfitted with goat cheese, roasted tomato, arugula & balsamic vinaigrette-- all on a super soft bun. The accompanying hand-cut fries were wonderful. I skipped the upgrades and just went naked on my fries. They had just the right amount of crispiness and salt/seasoning.

On my second visit to Broderick, I ventured out and tried their duck burger for lunch. It was described as, "smoke pepper crusted, slathered in fig jam & garlic aioli; served with fried onion crisps and arugula." Oh hell yea! The duck burger was awesome- like a sweet and savory flavor bomb. One diner at my table thought it was a tad too spicy but I only noticed a slight bit of heat in the aftertaste. Again, the fries were cooked perfectly. (Whoever their fry guy is, he or she consistently knocks them out of the park.) I wanted to order their tasty kombucha again but was told that they had discontinued it due to lagging sales. What a bummer. Hopefully they bring it back. It was the perfect (non-alcoholic) refreshment for a hot day.

On my most recent visit, I dragged Mr.S. there. Yes, dragged is the correct word. We had just finished seeing "The King and I," at the Wells Fargo Pavillion and were absolutely ravenous. The only problem was that it was 11:30pm on a Friday night and there's not much open in Sactown. So I called Broderick and was advised that they do serve food until midnight on weekends. Score! I could tell Mr.S. was leery but he begrudgingly agreed that we could go there. Later he told me about his concerns- that Broderick was in a bit of a rough neighborhood, we walked into what appeared to be a dive bar and that he was pretty sure he would probably end up with some freezer-burned burger concoction and soggy fries. Well Mr.Skeptical was 0-3. No one stole his car, the staff was super nice and he ended up loving his lamb burger and couldn't stop raving about it for several days. I ordered the same along with a nice, cold pint of Ruhstaller. Again, the burger exceeded my expectations. I hate to mess with a good thing but one of these days I may need to deviate from their lamb burger and try their famous banh mi fries (fries topped with slow roasted pulled pork, pickled vegetables, jalapeños & house made citrus caramel sauce). They also carry several other delicious burgers (I've heard raves for the True Bleu and the Johnny Cash), sandwiches (these are the same guys who run Wicked 'Wich), a mean mac 'n cheese and several vegetarian selections...and of course there's a full bar.

The service I received on all three visits was attentive, helpful and friendly. The staff members I encountered were eager to make suggestions, happy to answer questions and willing to make accommodations/modifications for dietary needs. My only gripe with the place (and it's a very small gripe) is that it always seems to be hot and slightly stuffy in there...I wish management would crank up the AC a bit to make it more comfortable.

So if your looking to pacify a burger-craving or just want some solid pub grub, make the trek out to West Sacramento and try out Broderick's. Oh and definitely order the lamb burger! As for me, I loved Broderick's unpretentious bar food and the old school atmosphere and have a feeling those won't be the last lamb burgers I get under my belt.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great review! We went yesterday for the first time after reading your review and had to try a lamb burger. It completely lived up to your rave review. Delish fries, too!

  2. Ally Says:

    Yay! Glad you guys liked it. It's a bit out of the way but so worth it. ☺

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