Did you survive the heat this weekend? When it gets super hot like this all I usually want to do is throw on some shorts, crank the AC and loll around indoors. However today, Mr. S. and I had plans to go check out the Good Street Food and Design Market in Del Paso Heights so lolling was out of the question. I had heard that the marketplace was trying to follow the format of Dose Market in Chicago and San Francisco's Ferry Building so I was excited to check it out.

We arrived early at the marketplace (located in a warehouse) to find a clean, bright venue with fun music pumping and various vendors set up. Considering this was their "grand opening." I thought they were very organized and things seemed to be running pretty smoothly. Although it was a relatively small market, there was a nice mixture of vendor types (clothing, art, music, food and drinks), there were plenty of places to sit and they carded guests at the door to ensure those who were of drinking age were braceleted. We ended up browsing through the merchandise for a bit, grabbing a cup of coffee from the guys at Broadacre and then taking a seat to soak in the scene. It was fun to watch the vendors interact with the public. Some might consider the goods a tad pricey but they were on par with what you'd come across if you shopped at a independently-owned boutique or a local bakery/cafe. As we were leaving, Mr.S. commented that it would be really cool if they added a few more food trucks in the future (we only saw two in the back lot when we were there) and I agree- this would be a great place for the food trucks to congregate and peddle their eats. It'll be interesting to see what the marketplace coordinators add to the mix if the concept catches on-- I would love to see some charcuterie offerings or perhaps a table selling hand crafted spirits (small batch bourbon?). Overall, we had a good time and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

When: First Sundays of the month, from 1-5 pm. June 3 through November
Where: 1409 Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento
Cost: $3 for Adults, Kids 18 and under free
Parking: Bike parking available. Ample street parking for cars.

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