1014 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. (916) 442-1085.

A button popped off my jeans the other day and it may have been because I've been overindulging in honey soy-lattes at Broadacre Coffee lately. I usually don't go for frou-frou drinks but I can't help it, these lattes are absolutely irresistible. I initially stopped into Broadacre because I heard they were carrying Stumptown Coffee (which is my all time favorite) but now I'm completely hooked on these darn lattes. If I can ever tear myself away from the honey lattes, I'd like to try one of their lavender lattes which I've seen customers swoon over as well.

Anyhow, the guys that bought this place are doing a great job. (The space was formerly occupied by Temple Coffee.) They're friendly, knowledgeable about the various roasts and make a great cup of coffee each and every time I've gone in. They're also always planning fun stuff like Second Saturday coffee bike tours, coffee pop-ups around town and hosting live music with local musicians at the shop. They're a great fit for the Grid. I may have to buy bigger pants if I keep visiting them on a regular basis but they're a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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