Do you think they have addiction support groups for juice addicts? Not THAT kind of "juice" but actual juice...I've been going through Ocean Spray's Cran-Tangerine Juice like the zombie apocalypse is descending. I bought the stuff on a whim when it was on sale for $2 a bottle at the grocery store and like a crack whore needing her daily fix I've been chugging the stuff and returning to buy a couple of bottles a week. It tastes great straight or mixed with some fizzy water. Although I may have to cut down on buying so much of it at the same grocery store, the last time I was in there my elderly checker looked at all of my bottles of cran-tang goodness and commented, "Cranberry juice, LOVE this stuff---it's great for urinary tract infections, you know?"  Um, yeah...TMI ma'am.

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  1. sporkgasm Says:

    The only reason I don't buy this stuff is I'm the cheap whore to your crack whore.

    And I would've said to the checker, "This sugary stuff is actually not helpful for UTI's. The stuff that tastes like I'd imagine goat piss mixed with death at the co-op is what helps UTI's." Always outdo an overshare, with more of an overshare.

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