(photo by Mayumi Fujii)

During my LA visit, my friend Mayumi made me some tofu chocolate. She explained that it was very similar in texture and taste to "Nama Chocolate," which is the rage in Asia. One of the most famous Nama Chocolate companies is Royce'. Established in 1983 in Hokkaido, Japan the small company quickly took off. Nama means "fresh" or "raw" and the Nama Chocolates made by Royce' utilize fresh cream (made from locally-drawn Hokkaido milk) and premium chocolate to create a creamy chocolate with an almost sponge-like consistency that melts in your mouth; it's then dusted with a powdered cocoa. When purchased, the Nama Chocolates by Royce' are wrapped in layers of puffed aluminum, plastic and dry ice to preserve the "fresh" taste and texture, a small plastic knife is included as well. Anyhow, Mayumi didn't have milk from Hokkaido cows or access to the company's secret recipe, but her tofu version of Nama Chocolate is a tasty facsimile. Try some with a cup of coffee or glass of port, it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mayumi's Tofu "Nama" Chocolate


150g dark chocolate

100g silken tofu

cocoa powder

(1 gram = 0.0352739619 ounces)


1. Drain tofu block between paper towels with a heavy weight on top for about 1 hour (or use a tofu press).

2. Add tofu to a blender and blend for about 3 mins.

3. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler over hot water.

4. Press the tofu through a mesh sieve and add to the melted chocolate. Mix well.

5. Line a container with plastic wrap and pour the chocolate in.

6. Refrigerate.

6. Cut and dust with cocoa powder.

6 Responses
  1. Oh yum! Yes those sound so much like the truffles I make except with tofu instead of cashew cream or coconut cream!

  2. Ally Says:

    Ooo, coconut cream...that sounds delicious!

  3. Mmmm chocolate...I got a chocolate themed week coming up soon and this help me be inspired, so delish looking!

  4. Ally Says:

    Dee Dee, I recently did a post on making avocado chocolate mousse which was decadent & delicious too.

  5. Kankana Says:

    The only way I ever ate Tofu is Mafa Tofu .. this sounds great .. except hubby doesn't like dark chocolate .. so i will try it with some white chocolate :)
    Thanks for dropping by and checking my blog :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this recipe. Im copying it.

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