(meatball sub, mafia-style on dutch crunch bread w/ cheddar & sour cream chips)

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich." - James Beard

3340 C St, Sacramento, CA 95816, (916) 443-540.

If a deli could have a voice, I’d picture Roxie Deli to be sporting a Tony Danza-Who’s The Boss-esque, “Ay-oh! Oh-ay!”  Roxie’s is squirreled away on the corner of 33rd and C in East Sac in a building that looks much like your typical bare bones, urban quickie mart. However, don’t let their inconspicuous residential location fool you, those boys know how to handle their meat and make a mean sandwich.

The guys behind the counter exude a Soprano’s like tough guy demeanor but really they’re sweet as pie. I mean what gal doesn’t like to be called “pretty lady” when placing a lunch order? In fact, my 65 year old father gets called, “boss” and “young man,” when he pops in there and I think he likes it!

Back to the food. Roxie’s holds true to a firm BBQ schedule:

Monday: Tri-tip
Tuesday: Pulled Pork
Wednesday: Ribs
Thursday:  Brisket

They do their own BBQing on the smoker right outside the store and Jesus-tap dancing-Christ, it’s delicious! They also have an array of traditional deli sandwiches piled high with yummy condiments. My favorite is the meatball on dutch crunch bread (this bread is like manna from heaven, it’s simultaneously soft and crunchy). Sometimes if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll have it made “mafia-style” (meatballs, provolone, light mayo/sour cream mix and topped with parmesan cheese).  It comes in three sizes: junior, regular and supreme. I get the regular and usually can get lunch and dinner out of it, especially if I pair it with some Dirty Potato Chips.

On the flip side, Roxie’s also offers a few items in their deli-case that make me scratch my head: raviolis, tamales, piroshkies and the occasional deviled egg—but hey, they might be good for all that I know? Too bad I’ll never have any room left in my stomach to give them a whirl. Also take note, Roxie’s does stay true to their neighborhood roots by carrying various domestic 40’s and a few pints of imported brews in their cold case.

So next time you’re in East Sac, belly up to the counter…I’m sure the Roxie boys will make you an offer you can’t refuse.
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  1. janine Says:

    You have to make some room, and try their piroshkies; they're quite tasty.

  2. Roxie's sounds like JUST the place we have been searching for. Why is it so hard to find good BBQ? Crazy. Thanks for the review!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    frickin a why haven't i tried them yet!!!!!

  4. Julia Says:

    You really nailed that review on the head! Roxie was one of the first places I ate when I visited Sac before moving here - I like to joke that my husband and I moved from our first apartment in Arden to East Sac to be closer to it!

  5. Ally Says:

    That would definitely be a plus to living in East Sac, Julia! Although if I lived any closer to Roxie's, I'd eat lunch there EVERY day! :)

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