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One of my favorite shops to hang out in during our trip to Seattle was World Spice Merchants on Western Avenue (just outside of Pike Place). WSM was discovered during my trip along the West Coast last year, but this time around I wasn't on a time crunch and got to spend ample time persuing and sniffing the jars. Yes, I know-- I'm a total nerd. So what? WSM is a cook's dream...jar upon jar of every spice (and spice blend) imaginable and all the delicious aromas...Mmmm, bliss! I decided I just had to purchase a few spices to take home to experiment with even though there was a lengthy wait in the small shoppe (thank you Mr. S. for being so patient!). I ended up going with a few ounces each of the Harissa, Smoked Paprika, Zahtar (Israeli), Jerk Rub and I also restocked my cache of Herbes De Provence, but goodness if given more time (and a fatter wallet) there was much more I would have loved to buy. Luckily, WSM ships! So treat yourself to a small Xmas gift or order a few spices for the chef in your family.

[All of their spice blends are mixed by hand in small batches and ground to order within 24 hours of shipping. There's a two ounce minimum for purchase and they are packaged/sealed in plastic bags. For $2 more/each, they can be packaged in airtight 1-cup jars (ooh-la-la!). Also, you can order the spices whole instead of ground should you choose.]
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