Some people may have visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads, but any Sacramentan worth their salt dreams of Kira O'Donnell's pastry perfections. Well, if you miss The Real Pie Company's tasty creations (O'Donnell's brick and mortar shop closed in 2008); you're in's back via the web! For the past few months, O'Donnell has been offering her tasty, handcrafted eats via email order. How do you partake, you ask? It's well, you know....

How to get your own Real Pie Company pie:

1. You can sign up to be on the email list at The Real Pie Company or email Kira directly at kiraodonnell @ to be added.
2. Each Monday you will receive an email detailing what freshly baked pies will be available for that week.
3. You then place your order via email (be sure to include your phone number).
4. In return you are assigned a claim number.
5. On Friday (after 2pm), you can pick up your order at (the East Sac) Corti's front counter with your claim number.

[Place your orders as early as you can as her pies sell out quickly. Prices range from $17-$20 per pie.]

This week's offering is: early-season Poppycock apricots from the local farmer's market coupled with Black Tartarian cherries in an open-faced galette.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    I like me some pie, but $17-$20 seems awfully pricey. But I do wish her good luck! :)

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