True it's hotter than balls out there right now but it's supposed to cool down after this weekend. So, which of these fun events will you be going to this summer?

July 9: 2nd Saturday Ice Cream Social, Ginger Elizabeth's

July 10: Chando's 1 Year Anniversary Event

July 14: 2nd Annual Sacramento Bastille Day Waiters' Race Region

July 15-16: Marysville Peach Festival

July 29-31: 33rd Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival

July 30-31: The Wine, Cheese & Bread Faire

July 31: Courtland Pear Festival

August 6: 26th Annual Festa Italiana[1].pdf

August 13: Tomato Festival

August 13: 65th Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar

August 13: Sacramento Banana Festival

August 15-21 Midtown Sacramento's Cocktail Week

August 27: Pour For Prevention

September 2-4: Sacramento Greek Festival

September 10-11: Tracy Dry Bean Festival

September 15-18: Lodi Grape Festival

September 17: Fair Oaks Chicken Festival

September 17: 16th Annual California Brewer's Festival

October 1: Lambtown USA
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2 Responses
  1. Saw the waiters race last year, was definitely fun to watch. Thanks for the great list, I will hope to go to every one which will mean that I should atcually make it to a few. I have heard great (read: yummy) things about the Greek festival.

  2. Ally Says:

    Jessica, I'm like you- I aspire to go to all of them and if I make it to some of them I'm pretty happy. I'm aiming to make it to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the Japanese Bazaar and the Lodi Grape Festival this year at a bare minimum.
    I went to the Greek Festival a few years ago and it was definitely YUMMY :)

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