Need a quick but tasty appetizer to bring to a potluck? Try whipping up some yummy bite-sized Peppadew treats. "Peppadew" is the brand name of sweet piquanté peppers grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa.  They're small (size of a cherry tomato), simultaneously sweet and tangy in taste and super versatile. For example, you can slice them up and put them on a sandwich, dice them and mix them into a salad or be a rebel and sub them into a poppers recipe. My favorite way to eat them is to stuff the little suckers with some delicious goat cheese.

* In the Sac area you can find Peppadews at Nugget Market. Depending on which Nugget you go to, they are located either in the cheese/deli department or the pickle aisle. They come packaged in a glass jar.
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